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The Last Keyholder

What if you’re holding the key to rid yourself of the agony ruling your life?

Would you turn it? Or walk away?

When a mysterious letter appears in Emlyn Cavanagh’s hands, it throws every one of her carefully made plans out the window. She is forced to make a decision—go on a hunt for a legend to erase the pain of her past, or stay in the safety of her home.

It was her choice…until Nathan Holwell walks into her life.
Seemingly determined to keep her from her quest, Nathan is certainly not a distraction Emlyn needs, but one she cannot escape from.

Making a split-second decision, she embarks on a journey to find it all—answers, herself, and maybe her heart…even if the cost is her own life.

She can trust no one…not even the man who shadows her day and night as if his life depends on it.

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