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Game On The Line

Dreams aren't what they used to be.


Having achieved his dream of entering into the international scene, professional soccer player Gavin Michaelson should be on top of the world. But a year after moving to London, things start to fall apart. His performance is lackluster, and his dream is slowly turning into a nightmare. 


To make matters worse, with his career on the line, Betty—the one that got away—shows up in London and feelings he thought he'd buried are alive and kicking his heart into mush. Can life just stop with the yellow cards already?


Betty Caster took a risk moving to London with her son, Trevor, but she didn't believe she'd actually run into Gavin on the streets of London—until she does. Ignoring the past isn't an option, and resolving their differences isn't so easy. Forced to confront their unresolved feelings for each other, there's more at stake than just their hearts.

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Game On The Verge

Fake girlfriends are supposed to be fake. Right?


Tyler Portsmith has it all. Being a successful soccer player in London, he is used to the high life. The only thing eluding him is finding “the one”. Tired of disappointing his parents, he makes her up. When his excuses as to why she can never make it to Sunday brunch finally run out, his fake girlfriend needs to be real. He only has one option. Jo, the fiery redhead who always knows the right thing to say.


Jo Lovell loves her job at the local bar, tending to patrons and listening to their stories. And Tyler isn’t an exception. Handsome, flirty, everything she shouldn’t want. When he asks her to be his fake girlfriend, she should refuse. Nothing good can come out of this arrangement. 


What happens when one fake date unexpectedly turns into more? When you learn secrets you aren’t prepared for? If the truth comes out, it isn’t only careers at stake. 

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