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Premade Covers - My addiction

So, about time for a new blog post. WAY overdue. And this time, I wanna talk about one of my addictions: premade covers. Do you know what I'm talking about? Designers create covers themselves, without any input from an author, and then offer it to authors to buy for future work. And let me tell you something: I am addicted to those kind of covers. Why? Because they inspire me.

Now I know that authors get ideas in all kinds of different places. During a walk outside, in the shower, when watching people - you get the idea. However, one of the places I get ideas as well are those premade covers. I bought a lot of those. Enough to fill the next five years with writing. And I love it. Every one of those covers is giving me more and more to write about. Different ideas about different topics. If I could, I would write them down all at once. But sadly, the day only has twenty-four hours.

Premade covers are also a great thing for authors who have no freaking clue about what they want as a cover. Like me. I am really bad at telling people what I want. I would need them to get inside my head and take everything out without me being able to express out loud what's in there. So premade covers are a great way for me to give my stories an amazing cover <3 and with the amount of premade covers out there, you are bound to find something that fits.

Bottom line. I freaking love premade covers. Love them so much that I actually had to put myself on a 'no-buying-more-premades-clause'. I constantly have to tell myself: NO

So if you're looking for a cover for your next book, I strongly suggest you check out these amazing ladies. Those are the ones that are my go-to for premade covers: - Premade 4 Authors: premades from Judi Perkins of Concierge Literary Designs (she did the amazing Dalysian Hope cover after all), Marisa-Rose Shor of Cover Me Darling and Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Design - The Mad Rabbits by White Rabbit Book Design from the amazing Alivia Anders - Desiree DeOrto Artist and Designer by the brilliant Desiree DeOrto

Check them out, because they are all beyond incredible (and I got my premades from each of these amazing ladies).

That's all for today <3 Sending lots of love,


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