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What to write next?

Hey peeps,

so it's definitely been a while since my last entry. Shame on me. I need to get better at writing blog posts, that's for sure. Bear with me, I'm still learning.

I finished writing the first draft of Dalysian Struggle last week. That means, editing is coming up. While I do that, I still write in between (duh). I have to. And at this point, I'm pretty open to what I'm gonna write next. Standalone? Trilogy? Who knows? Fantasy? Contemporary Romance? It could be anything. Up until now, which is still very early in my author-being, I always knew what was next. And right now, I don't. I'm gonna start writing the first few pages of Dalysian Redemption, book three in the Dalysia trilogy, but my main focus will be on another book. One I still have to figure out the story to.

So how do you decide what you're gonna write next? I know that authors usually say that they write whichever voice is the loudest, but it doesn't work that way for me. The story itself has to speak to me. Considering I still have a bunch of premade covers that are waiting to be filled with amazing stories, it's not like I'm missing inspiration. There are a few ideas I have and wanna get to. But which will I end up writing? My bestie told me to just go with what I want to write, not what I feel I need to write. And she's right. The moment you start writing what you think you SHOULD write, not what you WANT to write, it's over. I think that kills creativity. So I'm gonna take her advice, sit down and just write. Again, it's not that I don't have ideas. It's simply that one isn't louder than the other. Keep your fingers crossed that I find what I want. 'Cause honestly, it would suck being stuck in limbo. No one wants that. And I have a deadline. So I better be able to present my editor something when that deadline hits. After all, I work best with a deadline.

Okay, that's it for today. I'll leave you with a Supernatural gif because you can never go wrong with those. You can thank me later.

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